Devin Wittig – Triathlete

Challenges and Reflections.

Hello! For this blog post I will go over my season and the radio silence that my blog has held.

In February of this season I had to make a coaching change due an an unforeseen circumstance. The coach I moved to had a huge amount of knowledge in the long distance world and who is very respected in the triathlon world.

However, this coaching change was a huge challenge for me. I went from feeling great every day to struggling with fatigue and chronic soreness. Furthermore, I lost my confidence and was unable to perform at my first three races of the year; 70.3 Victoria, 5150 shawnigan lake and great white north. I take credit for this lack of performance as I had control over everything.

The week after great white north I went to challenge saint andrews where I had a great race going leading off the bike and 10km into the run. However, at this point I had to walk due to terrible stomach cramps. Saying this, I’ve never had so much fun in a race up to the 10km point. I was able to race the bike and had a great time. Something I really learnt from this race was humility and not counting your chickens before they hatch. I was so confident about my running ability that I believed that if I led off the bike the race was mine. When I didn’t pull away I panicked and missed my nutrition. Thus 100% my fault but taught me a valuable lesson.

Following this I took a week off and then did a time trial where I set a 30min best power of 296 watts and went to penticton for a training camp. I was flying here, setting bike and run pb and feeling confident. As they say though all good things come to an end. I was descending apex on the second last day of the camp and I crashed hard. Broke my helmet, shoes, bike and was out for 2 months until mid September with a concussion. This was a real struggle for me as I lost some of my sporting identity. I went from training 3 times a day to sitting on the couch all day. Furthermore, I began to question many things. Why am I doing this? Will I ever be great! What has happened to the sport I love with its crazy costs? Furthermore, when I came back I decided to focus on running as my left shoulder was still really hurting from the crash. This was going great until my feet got plantar fasciitis. Saying all of this I haven’t lost sight of my triathlon goals and they are still in the future.

Now, I know I sound like I’m just complaining however this leads into what my plan is for the coming year. I’m planning on taking the next few months to focus on getting healthy and moving right. I plan to accomplish this by cleaning up my diet and trying to minimize processed sugars. Second, I will focus on improving my functional mobility and strength through a variety of plains. For example I can’t achieve a catch position swimming without a sharp shoulder pain. This is something I will fix. Throughout this I will do the training needed to maintain fitness.

Furthermore regarding me I have had some very exciting news. I got a puppy named Hermann, after Hermann maier. Secondly, I did my last course of my undergrad in university and applied for a masters program at the university of Alberta. Finally I am technical director and u16 coach at Sunridge ski club this year. I am incredibly lucky to have everything going so well.

Finally I want to thank my sponsors that stood by me though 2016. This was a huge help and I owe them my thanks.


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