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Lakeside Race Report

So, this Sunday was my final triathlon of the year. It was also one of the most competitive triathlons this year with most of the top guys battling it out for the Multisport Canada/Recharge with Milk Triathlon Series prize money. I went into it with the goal of putting together a solid race with a gold of a 24 minute swim, 1:02 bike and a 35 run. This would get me a total of 2:02:30 if you add on 30 seconds for transition.

So on to race day. The race started at 9am so I woke up at 5:50 for my standard pre-race breakfast of 2 maple and brown sugar oatmeals. My stomach actually felt quite good that morning so I loaded up my bags and at 6:40 we headed off to the race site which was a 25 min drive away. Once there, I set up my bike in transition, then went to get my race kit, chip and get body marked. Got number 1, as I was racing as a man and knew it was time to represent. Once this was set I began my warmup. This is a 20 min ride with 4 by 30s pickups, a 10km run with drills and strides and a 10 min swim with a few starts. However, I had 2 issues. First, my HED 90mm wheel flexes too much with my Scott bike and was rubbing the frame. Therefore I had to switch on my draft legal front wheel. This was an easy fix but then after my run warmup it took me 10 minutes to access the port potty which forced me to remove my pre-race drills and strides. Although this was not a huge deal it may have been the cause of my week run. Anyway the swim warmup felt great so I was ready to race.

SWIM: 15 minutes prior I had a POWERBAR gel and a drink of HEED. My coach, Buddy Green, told me to take out the swim hard. Thus for the first 50m I went all out and was actually almost leading the field, which was definitely a revelation for me. Unfortunately, I was not able to hold that pace and soon faded. I makes me feel good though that if I held that pace for 2450m, I could have won the swim. Throughout the first lap of the swim I simply focused on finding some fast feet following them and then trying to blow by them. Then on the second lap, we began to catch the earlier waves and the focus became more on simply dodging yellow caps the drafting. The swim however went incredibly smoothly and coming out of the water I felt very pleased with my time. Funny thing though, when I took my first step out of the water I slipped and almost face planted. Exiting the water I heard my mom yelling 24 and I was like “YES!!!”, Goal 1 is checked off.

Swim Time: 24:07

TRANSITION 1: Running into transition I strip my wetsuit off of my shoulders run to where my bike is but it is not there. It turns out I was at the wrong rack. What a rookie mistake. I found my bike, threw my wetsuit on the groud, but my helmet on with my moms glasses and was out on course.

T1 Time: 1 min

BIKE: The bike was the second part of the race that I was concerned of as we had not done a 40km TT effort all year. So, with that in mind I jumped on the bike, put my head down and went for it. Watching my time, I hit the 20km mark in under 30min, which is a massive best time on the bike for me. However from 20-30km I died. I lost focus, my cadence went down and I lost my relaxation.  It was at 30km where I decided to have a gel and a sip of water in hopes of preparing for the run. Unfortunately as you will see this did not help

Bike Time: 1:03:41

T2: Solid here although I had a bit of trouble getting one of my shoes on

T2 Time: 34 seconds.

Run: So I could not run. Ill keep this short but I just had no knee drive and was unable to generate any speed. This will come but I just need time to reflect on this painful run before I talk of it anymore.

Run Time: 40:04

Overall: Im happy with this race as I was able to put together a great swim bike, I know I can run so now its time to get training and put it all together for next year

One comment on “Lakeside Race Report

  1. Mike Nawalaniec
    September 18, 2012

    Nice race report. It’s important to write it down so you can reflect some time from now as what went right and what went wrong.

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